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The military day begins at 5am and does not end until 10pm.One female soldier, Kim Ok-Hee, who escaped to South Korea, was an instructor at North Korea’s so-called 4.25 boot camp, a mechanised division whose mission is to guard the coastline against attacks by enemy paratroopers.Siemen’s solution: a swarm of general-purpose worker robots that can be assigned a task and then figure out among themselves how to get it done.Dalloro’s team at Siemens’s lab in Princeton, New Jersey, has built spider-like 3-D printers that crawl around as a coordinated team.While it does seem amazing that there are more than 1,000 text messaging abbreviations, it is important to remember that different chat abbreviations are used by different groups of people when communicating online.

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“The costs to bring [an assembly line] up and then essentially bring this down, when you are going to be switching to a different product, are pretty high.” In other words, the costs of reconfiguring a traditional production line for a new product get in the way of being able to quickly iterate on product design.Some facts of life in North Korea cannot be hidden from view, which is why recently the country had to reduce its military minimum height requirement from 4ft 9in (145cm) to 4ft 8in (142cm), to include shorter women unfortunate enough to have been born painfully undernourished during the terrible famines.All conscripts have to serve for between three and five years, beginning with a month of intensive training in which corporal punishments are not unknown.Yesterday, Microsoft launched its latest artificial intelligence (AI) bot aimed at 18 to 24-year-olds to improve their understanding of conversational language among young people online.Within hours of it going live, Twitter users took advantage of flaws that meant the bot responded to questions with offensive answers (picutred) The more you interact with Tay, the smarter 'she' gets and the experience will become more personalised, according to Microsoft.