Problems consolidating itunes library

Purchased Music from the i Tunes Store: This will not work for (.m4p).Although Picard is compatible with .m4p, it will probably mess up the release art.You can’t categorize (though you can sort) by Genre, Artist, or Album.Now that you can see the songs from your old computer’s library you can easily copy over individual songs, or groups of songs, by selecting them and dragging them up to your new computer’s library, which is at the top of the left-hand navigation.Tune Span never removes any of your tracks from i Tunes, so your playlists, play counts, etc. Tune Span makes copies of your media files at the selected location; none of your media files are ever deleted automatically.Once a file has been successfully copied, Tune Span will set the new location in i Tunes.This post is part our multi-post guide on how to Transfer Your i Tunes Music Library to a New Computer.This post will help you use the Home Sharing feature in i Tunes 9 to transfer your actual music files to your new computer.

» What if I delete some spanned tracks from my i Tunes Library?

This usually affects embedded artwork, or anything with ID3 frames bigger than 32k B. This means you will get the same result as using Picard's "Renaming/Moving Files" capability but without making i Tunes lose track of where all your songs are.

To "fix" this problem, or play safe, always use Picard's default setting of ID3v2.3 tags in the options (and i Tunes also). If you really really want to use Picard to rename/move your files.

Now that you have your i Tunes library nice and neat, you need to get your new computer recognizing the i Tunes library on your old computer. Now you should be able to navigate through the music on your old computer from your new computer.

You should see your old computer’s library on the left-hand side of your new computer’s i Tunes window under “Shared.” The catch is that you can only view your music in one big list.