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For the first century Singer machines developed at a slow almost predictable pace and one model followed another starting from Singers patent model of 1851. Singer's models went in numbers so a model 12 was followed by a 13 and so on.

From the 1950's, due to a massive leap in technology, brought on by the Second World War, and world trade markets opening like never before, Singer models went ballistic. Therefore I am going to concentrate on Singer's first best-sellers.

thought it may be a good idea to give you a potted history of Singer's most popular models for the first 100 years.It will help many schools and people who just want a brief history of the manufacturing giant In Singer's heyday there was hardly a place on earth that did not sell or make Singer machines.the name Singer was the best known name on the entire planet and even today his name is synonymous with the sewing machine.Since 1902 papers relating to the botanical collections of the Museum of Natural History have been published in the Bulletin series under the heading Contributions from the United States National Herbarium and, since 1959, in Bulletins titled “Contributions from the Museum of History and Technology,” have been gathered shorter papers relating to the collections and research of that Museum. It had no instrument panel with push-button controls.It was not operated electronically or jet-propelled.