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After having several parcels stolen from his doorstep, this guy decided to place a decoy box outside his front door. A tactic used to scare her away sure worked as she dropped the box, and ran screaming back to her car. View Now Nacho's microwave is terrifying these poor people who just want to eat a hot pocket, but don't want to worship satan.The suspected woman arrived, walked right through his front lawn, and grabbed for the package, until BOOM! Watch as the demonic possession causes the screen to read, "." Hopefully, Nacho will call a Priest to perform an exorcism on his microwave before the problem gets worse.Reeves signed on as star and executive producer only last week, and filming begins April 14 in Santiago.Roth says, “I feel I can have this movie ready for Toronto [in September] if I need to.” Described as a psychosexual thriller in the vein of Roman Polanski and Paul Verhoeven, Knock Knock co-stars Cuban actress Ana de Armas and Chilean actress Lorena Izzo, who also starred in The Green Inferno.The result was a game of Apparently the new social media craze is summoning a demon in a scary ritual. Don't worry honey, your brother Declan will protect you! Alcohol is said to be a truth serum, and this is certainly true for these bridesmaids and brides!

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View Now Animals can be very sensitive to human emotions and pain.

While Roth has yet to comment on the similarities between the two films, in what seems like more than just a coincidence, Death Game star Colleen Camp has signed on as a producer of Knock Knock and was reportedly a “catalyst” for getting the film made.

Starring: Mena Suvari & Eli Roth Writers/Directors/Editors- Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm Producer- Ben Sheehan Producer-Brianne Trosie Production Coordinator- Ross Buran Director of Photography- Barry Elmore1st AC- Darren Nim Gaffer- Blake Farnham Best Boy- Joel Bezemer Key Grip- Luigi Cortez Swing- Dave Hoffman Production Designer- Susie Mancini Art Director- Michael Castillo SFX Makeup- Dan Diana & Charles Wills Hair & Makeup- Jen Osborne Wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg Sound Mixer- Go Pal Bidari PA- Edgar Castillo PA- Glenn Fellman You're Not My Girlfriend with Eli Roth And Mena Suvari halloween demon soul possession exorcist girl scary girlfriend scary stories scary movies eli roth mena suvari mena suvari halloween eli roth halloween eli roth horror horror movie parody halloween girlfriend (chainsaw revving) (evil laugh is heard) (chainsaw revving) Eli Roth: My God Linda, what have they done to you?

View Now When you leave two teenage boys with a Go Pro, they'll always think of something weird to do with it. View Now Tamra and Eddie Judge from Cut Fitness and "The Real Housewives of Orange County" as well as everyone's favorite workout Wednesday guy, Zach Anner, are back! View Now Do you remember the first time you experienced a car wash?

Pam Kandefer-Povlin, an RTM viewer, found that out thanks to her son and his friend. Maybe sweet little Raleigh will remind you because as her family takes the car through the scary tunnel, she begs to go home.