The rules of the game dating book

Although written under a pseudonym, his friends and PUAs knew Strauss was the author of the piece.

But rather than experiencing a backlash, the article was roundly praised.

The most important point is that the ‘rules of The Game’ are set by women.

They have tried doing what women say they want and found nothing but rejection.

She politely says she has a boyfriend, even though she doesn’t. So if you can’t ask questions, what then are you supposed to say to a woman you’ve just met?

The guy makes a desperate move and asks for her phone number.

there has been a lot of backlash against what some call ‘dating advice for men’ and others (usually women, to be fair) call ‘coaching men to take advantage of and manipulate women.’ The book is subtitled, and that pretty much sums up what it is about.

The author undertook to learn the ways of pickup artists for a year, ended up becoming one of the greatest pickup artists in the world (according to an internal rating), developed his own system, and eventually stepped out.